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Brown Rat

Observed: 10th April 2011 By: TrinityTrinity’s reputation in MammalsTrinity’s reputation in Mammals
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Comes in from farm behind house, original only had 2 visiting the garden but this time they've bought the kids with them, for me a welcome garden guest, for most unwelcome. The dogs help to keep control of them, when I feel they'v had enough free time the dogs will chase them off. On this occasion the parents bought 7 of their young into the garden, and between them ate all the bird seed!!! Fatties...

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"Is hamster Mr Fawlty!"
Joking apart, you're quite right; and it's a classic example of how versatile and intelligent this rodent is.

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They r aren't they, I think

They r aren't they, I think they r quite cute, obviously not wanting to encourage them too much, but they r a joy to watch in the garden, but they make my female GSD go nuts, of course she can't catch them, they'r too fast for her, just hope they don't get into the house.... I took these piccies through my kitchen window, which explains the bad quality of them, but if u look hard enough u can see what they r, I will try to get clearer ones in the future, but they r so nervie, a mere glimpse of me in the window is enough to make them scarper.. So I hav to b very quiet, still and patient with these babies.. Keep watching..