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Observed: 5th March 2011 By: New Forest WalkerNew Forest Walker’s reputation in Invertebrates

A beautifully marked and coloured beetle, bronze in colour. He scurried off before I could put something next to him to mark his size, but I'd estimate he was perhaps 1 and 1/2 centimetres in length.

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um, its it just me or does it look huge compared to the grass?

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whoops, I'd overlooked C.

whoops, I'd overlooked C. arvensis, which doesn't occur here in the East. I agree with Mark.

Rob Coleman

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Thank you for your identifications.

As to his size Anna, he was probably about 2cm in length. The grass in that area is very short indeed having been subject to a lot of disturbance last year when a local stream underwent restoration. It's really only just beginning to come back.

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I see

Ah ok, that makes sense.