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Insect hole

Observed: 14th June 2009 By: madasyernanmadasyernan’s reputation in Invertebrates
insect hole

Insect hole in dunes. Any ideas as to what insect please.

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Possible candidates might be a solitary bee or wasp, or one of the beetles that construct burrows, e.g. dor beetles, but my guess would be bee or wasp. Do you have an estimate of size? It looks quite small.

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Just added this at the same

Just added this at the same time as Kitenet, and would agree with him. Dunes are really good invertebrate habitats due to their warmth, and there are wide range of species that have larvae in holes which they provision with insect prey.

In my experience, large-looking wasps can squeeze their way into fairly small looking holes! One fairly common and easy to recognise genus is Ammophila ( see - that feed their larvae with caterpillars.

A number of beetles also have larvae in holes (e.g. dor beetles) but I think this would be less likely in this habitat. Some Tiger Beetle species live in dunes, but I would'nt expect to see the spoil around the mouth of the burrow of these...

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