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Observed: 11th April 2011 By: ophrys
Yorkshire Naturalists' Union
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adder april a
adder april

Lots of males visible today...looking very fresh.

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Lovely photos, have been out in this warm weather trying to photograph some, but so far haven't found any despite being told of some good locations!

David J Trevan

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Great photos

What great photos - you can very clearly see the different colouration of males (greyer) and females (browner).

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Courtship -

this looks like early stages of courtship - the female certainly looks plump enough to breed this year.
A lady called Sylvia Sheldon learnt to identify all the adders she found by the patterns between the "V" on the head and the top of the zig-zag down the spine. She photographed them and carried a little book of the cut-out pattern around with her on surveys.
The markings on this female are a good example of how distinctive they can be.

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Not many adders yet!

I usually expect to see loads of adders at this time of year. So far I have only seen two.