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Which Pipit?

Observed: 8th April 2011 By: phil.walton3phil.walton3’s reputation in Birds
Which Pipit?

Bird appeared to be similar in size to male Wheatear, which had perched in the same tree moments earlier.

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Probably Meadow.

This bird looks like a Meadow to me, but I can't really say why - especially as the much narrower streaking on the flanks (in comparison to the streaking on the breast) could potentially point towards Tree Pipit.

Five birds together feeding in grass at the given location makes Meadow Pipit seem more likely, but theoretically you could have photographed a single Tree Pipit that was with Meadows!

Personally I wouldn't identify this one from a single photo.

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I agree Roy, however I made a

I agree Roy, however I made a likely identification on the frequency on the birds along the peaks, I don't often see tree pips up there.

- Jamie