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Observed: 15th September 2010 By: PhilHPhilH’s reputation in Invertebrates

Cabbage white caterpilllar stayed next to these eggs which were on a window frame for quite a few days. Is this just coincidence or is there some relationship between the eggs and caterpillar?
Sorry, forgot to attach the photo earlier.

    Likely ID
    a braconid wasp (Cotesia glomerata)
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
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Are the eggs elongate yellowish and like small cocoons? If so could be the cocoons of the braconid wasp Cotesia glomerata which is a gregarious parasitoid of cabbage white larvae.

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Cabbage white parasite

Thanks very much. Photo now uploaded correctly.

Checked out your suggestion and it looks very much like you said. Regretfully it appears that the parasitised caterpillar continues to eat our cabbages until the parasites emerge to form cocoons:<(