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Unknown mammal skull

Observed: 3rd April 2011 By: Stuart1960
Unknown mammal skull

6-7 inches in length. Found by the side of the road with no other remains of the rest of the corpse nearby.

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Looks like the skull of a

Looks like the skull of a female deer, although which I couldn't say.

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Dog or fox

The profile looks like that of a fox - dogs tend to have inflated frontal sinuses that give a steeper forehead region. However, some dog breeds don't have this so much and this would be a large and robust fox if the skull is 7 inches.

If it was closer to 6 inches I'd be more confident in saying fox, but even then it would be quite a big robust individual, so probably a male.

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I agree with PaoloV, this looks to be more fox than dog. Incidentally PaoloV, I've just been reading your blog, great stuff.

Stick the ID up as a fox and I'll agree with it.

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