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Song Thrush

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I think this is a Song Thrush but am not sure of the difference between Song and Mistle Thrush

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Mistle Thrush does stand more upright than Song Thrush. Mistle is a big bird, a lot bigger than Song Thrush and bigger than a Blackbird.

It also has large, blotched spots getting thicker as they come down the breast, as in this one. Song Thrush has smaller, arrow-shaped dark spots which fade away at the legs, unlike on this bird.

Song Thrushes are a richer brown on the back and wings, while Mistle are more grey-brown. Mistle have a lot of whitish edging to the wing coverts, while Song have more yellow-buff edges.

Song Thrush tend to skulk around vegetation, whereas Mistle Thrushes like open fields much more. They are very different birds...easy to tell apart once you are familiar with them.

I could go on with other differences!


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