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Breadcrumb sponge

Observed: 20th March 2011 By: HanjagueHanjague’s reputation in InvertebratesHanjague’s reputation in InvertebratesHanjague’s reputation in Invertebrates
Breadcrumb sponge

Found under overhanging rocks at very low tide in amongst barnacles.
I'm fairly sure the green is breadcrumb sponge, is the orange the same? If so, what influences the different colours?

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Sponge colours

The green of Breadcrumb sponge is due to an algal symbiont (an algae living within the sponge) - sponges living at depth tend not to have these so are yellower. The orange could be Breadcrumb sponge but is perhaps more likely to be Myxilla incrustans which is very slimey out of water. The only sure way of identifying sponges are by the spicules - microscopic siliceous or calcareous skeletal material.


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Sponge ID

The orange sponge may also be Hymeniacidon perleve, which often appears rougher due to having lots of small protuberances. It is common in damp cracks etc at lower to mid shore.