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Observed: 20th March 2011 By: Hanjague
Poss eggs

Green sacs about 2cm with stalk attaching to sand, also seen attached to seaweed on sand flats at very low tide.

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looking around on the web

looking around on the web that does seem to be what it is likely to be. Thank you


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2 years!

I have agreed the first and only in two years - risky!
Change the group to invertebrates soon.

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Mike Kendall - you have rightly questioned the Eulalia viridis ID.
There appears to be a number of green egg masses and some are quite small, less than 1cm.
I have collected these larger ones - ones 'we' think might indeed be Eulalia viridis from weedy pools, sandy tidal pools and the lower drying sand. That they were the same (identical) I have no doubt. Conditions must exist for them to be washed out of pools and for the transparent strand to become locked in the sand. Indeed that's where I photographed them.
Derek (Orkney)