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Strandhill Dunes - Peltigera lichen?

Observed: 13th March 2011 By: jm23625
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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I observed this plant/lichen at the Strandhill dunes in County Sligo. It looks like it might be a lichen of Peltigera type, but maybe it is not a lichen at all.


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There might be a second species here

Although the majority of what we see in the photograph is Peltigera canina, there is one rosette that has a more frilly edge and a smoother (not bullate) upper surface.

Probably it is still P. canina, but plausibly it is Peltigera rufescens, which often grows with P. canina and looks near identical, viewed from above. Underneath, the rhizines become dark brown as they mature, and the raised veins become very dark brown on older parts of the underside.


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Thanks, I didn't know lichens

Thanks, I didn't know lichens could grow so big.