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Parasitized 7-spot Ladybird

Observed: 7th April 2011 By: DevonianDevonian’s reputation in InvertebratesDevonian’s reputation in InvertebratesDevonian’s reputation in InvertebratesDevonian’s reputation in Invertebrates

I had seen this ladybird earlier and imagined that it was just resting. When, however, I noticed that it was still there a few days later I became suspicious and noticed that it was attached to the leaf by some clay coloured medium. Every now and then the ladybird would rock or a black leg-like object would appear just under the head.
I would appreciate any suggestions as to which parasite is responsible.

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Thanks -

to to Devonian for a fascinating post, and to Rimo for an equally interesting explanation.

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Dinocampus coccinellae

Thanks Rimo, I have taken the hapless ladybird and its guest in under cover and am anticipating the emergence of D. coccinellae which Microscopy UK ( happens 6 to 9 days after the spinning of the cocoon.

Thanks again.