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ID help please? Poss Dipper?

I saw this bird today on rocks near Falmouth beaches at low tide. It looks to me a lot like a Dipper, but I thought Dippers were river birds. Do they come to the coast? If not, any ideas what else it might be? I know the picture quality isn't great but the bird had a brown back with white breast. Any help would be much appreciated.



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Yes, looks like a dipper.

Yes, looks like a dipper. The juvenile is browner, like this one, but surely it wouldn't be a juvenile in early April. This was a beach, but is there a river nearby, flowing into the sea?

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Query Dipper

Yesterday I noticed a post from carobird1, about a bird she had seen that seemed to be a pipit. Other posters identified it as most probably a rock pipit. I looked it up on the RSPB website and its looks and areas in which it operates seem to tally with your query dipper.

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Probably Grey Wagtail

This bird looks like a Wheatear but in this habitat it is more likely to be a Grey Wagtail with a unusaly short tail.

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I've posted a comment on the observation page as to why this is not a Grey Wagtail. Just because it is next to water does not make it a Grey Wagtail.

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Agree 100%, this is a male

Agree 100%, this is a male Wheatear.