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Jonathan - Slug (Probably Arion sp.) - 18 September 2008 - 3:20pm

Observed: 18th September 2008 By: Jonathan
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Slug 24-08-2008 18-04-54


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Slugs are tricky. I think this is probably a species of Arion, but I don't think they can be confirmed without dissection (and dissecting slugs has never been my favourite way to enjoy wildlife). Size would have been useful.

Martin Harvey
Biodiversity Observatory

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Large Arion, probably rufus or vulgaris

It's certainly one of the big Arion species, A. ater, A. rufus or A. vulgaris (=lusitanicus), or A. flagellus.
A. ater and A. flagellus rarely if ever have red pigment overlaying darker colours, as is apparent on the head of this beast, suggesting rufus or vulgaris. Separating those without dissection is difficult.

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IDTip process

I am VERY interested in the IDTip Tag concept.
How do you see it used? Would it, for instance be useful for someone wanting to identify a slug (in this case) and how might they access the IDTips?
I would think, seriously, that someone should take care (be a caretaker) of the zone; say disallowing the use, if the post does not, as in this case, provide definitive ID Tips.
ExpertBrian has added some tips, but did not add an agreement - but do you think that his comment is the right stuff for the tag?
I know this is an old post (the first of its type) but it may not be worthy of the Tag - do you think? I'm asking!
Now, I have added the Tag to two of my posts - I ought not be presumptuous but do you think each is worthy? I'm still asking! You and Martin will get this flag - I am not certain whether Brian or Simon are still active.

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Tagging for ID tips

Derek, at the moment the ID tip tag is a way of a user flagging one of their own observations as containing useful information about how to identify a particular species. A very large number of observations on iSpot contain *some* useful information on ID of course, so the tag is best seen as a way of picking out those that are especially informative. But as it stands it is a fairly limited tool, as it can only be added by the observer themselves. In an ideal world it would be possible for all iSpot users to add this sort of tag to each other's observations, for other iSpotters to then agree with the ones they thought were most helpful, and for iSpot's reputation system to weight things so that the most helpful and most reliable tips floated to the top. It should also be possible to filter by species group. One of many things we would like iSpot to be able to do in the fullness of time, but as ever dependent on having the resources available to develop it properly.

In the meantime please do use the tag to highlight observations that contain particularly useful ID info. I think your Pullet Carpet Shell is very definitely worthy of the tag, the Dabberlocks is perhaps not quite up to the same high standard but still very useful.

Entomologist and biological recorder

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"....reliable tips floated to the top."

Martin, that's a cool response. I will remove the tag from Badderlocks. I may not use the tag until the idea is formalised. To be able to Tag other's posts would be very useful - I would find it particularly useful for my two Marine Projects. But it's small fry compared to the other issues that need fixing or introducing. Thanks for your response here.