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Patch-forming plant in wet woodland

Observed: 6th April 2011 By: wascally wabbitwascally wabbit’s reputation in Plants

Patches of seedlings popping up in wet woodland (Willow, Alder) on the edge of a reservoir. The seedling puts up two round, untoothed leaves, but the next pair is toothed and more ovate.

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This is why -

it is such a pest: it crowds out the less competitive native species like hemp-nettle and gypsywort that also like damp areas.

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Pull them up...

...if you see them. Does precious little good for native species. Not poisonous so OK to touch.

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Uprooting is not the answer!

Unless you ensure that you either hang them over a branch or a fence to desiccate; or crush each stem node (the swollen sections that occur at intervals). Otherwise the plants will re-root from the nodes.
They can also produce cleistogamous flowers (i.e. they self-fertilise in the bud without ever opening and being clearly visible).
We found that goat browsing (a neighbour had a flock) was effective, but of course they eat everything else, too. It helps bring the problem under control, but the seed bank will last for several years.

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What has burberry got to do with this??????


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