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Another squirrel!

Observed: 29th November 2009 By: kc5467
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Yet another squirrel photographed close to my house...There are alot around at the moment.Every time the rain stops out they all come!

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Grey Squirrel

Another animal i never tire of seeing, even though they are classed as vermin.

Dave. Student FDa Conservation and Countryside Management.

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Grey squirrels

I agree - in a heavily populated land where few mammals are visible, it brightens up my day to see a grey squirrel.

Gill Sinclair
OU Certificate in Contemporary Science
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I am glad you enjoy seeing

I am glad you enjoy seeing them! The grey squirrel does not hibernate over the winter, although it gets very lazy and will probably only be active for around an hour a day.

Conservation Student

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Very much like my step daughter.

Dave. Student FDa Conservation and Countryside Management.