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Flat worm - Leptoplana tremellaris?

Observed: 2nd April 2011 By: andrewcowleyandrewcowley’s reputation in Invertebratesandrewcowley’s reputation in Invertebrates

This polyclad platyhelminth is around 16-20 mm TL fully extended. Seems to be fairly common as several were found. Found with Schizoporella unicornis, Heteranomia squamula, Hamathoe lunulata, Lagisca extenuata, Porcellana platycheles, Terpios fugax and other thin encrusting sponges.

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Cracking picture !

Cracking picture !

Andy Keay

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Origin August 2013
It's been sitting here awhile - well over two years.
And I have been sitting on it for a further year!
I am inclined to agree with the ID but need more input to my own, new ID, at
Andy was certain of the ID here, so much so that it appears in his Legacy Website.
I added the 'cleaner' ID today in the hope that someone my come and offer some wisdom. There are a few Marine flatworms in iSpot, each deserving more interest.
Andy wrote in his ID Panel "If anyone has the relevant 'Synopsis of the British Fauna' No. 26, pehaps they could look?"

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I agreed anyway

to both, even though you had already forced 'other obs'.
Synopsis of the British Fauna' No. 26. Mmmm where did I put it?