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Green alkanet

Observed: 7th April 2011 By: janetseaton
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Does anyone know which type of speedwell this is, please? It seems to be similar to veronica persica, but has smoother edged, less indented leaves.

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Pentaglottis sempervivens

But no-one has explained to the poster why it's not a Speedwell. First starter is that Speedwells have four petals, and this has five. Five bright blue petals immediately suggests starting at the Forget-me-Not family (not infallible but a good guess). That gets you to the right place in the book. Then it's down to the finer detail from the plant descriptions, and the pictures - I won't go into the technical differences between Alkanets and Forget-me-Nots.

Chris Metherell
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Chris, thank you very much

Chris, thank you very much for confirming the identification of this plant and for explaining the reasons. As a novice wildflower spotter, this is extremely helpful to me. :)

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Green alkanet, not speedwell!

Thank you, Tim, for identifying this plant correctly. :)