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Common Lizard ?

Observed: 6th April 2011 By: smb74
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Lizard Underneath

Found along the byway. It appears to have lost its tail and was rather dried out. I suspect it might have been run over. Two pence piece included for scale.

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Common lizard -

is the native viviparous one in the UK. I think you mean Sand Lizard Lacerta agilis, the egg-laying one: and yes, I think you are right.

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I have now found another

I have now found another picture in another book of this blue coloured lizard and it does appear to be a Sand Lizard (Lacerta agilis). I have today seen another one, live this time.

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Your area -

is not a recognised location for sand lizards, unless my source is out of date: so this would be a noteworthy record. I'm pretty sure it is the common lizard, but worth asking ARC ( to have a look.

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Reptiles will often take on a

Reptiles will often take on a blue colour after death, known as cyanosis

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Thanks for this very useful

Thanks for this very useful piece of information.