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Observed: 5th April 2011 By: Feet First

Looks like a dandelion! Obvious to everybody but me I'm sure!

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I'm an old newbie to the natural world and I have to start somewhere and be sure of what I am seeing.

Thanks for your indulgence.

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a few things can look like

a few things can look like dandelions. start looking at the leaves (as well as the flowers and the general way the plant is growing) and comparing them to the more familiar plants. having said that, coltsfoot probably isn't showing many leaves yet as they come after the plant has flowered. typical.

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Also distinguishing -

for this species is the flower stalk - purplish and covered in small scale leaves.
Both dandelion and coltsfoot weree used medicinally. The former is a diuretic, the latter good for respiratory aolments - though now considered risky because it contains alkaloids.

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The leaves

I have for some time been trying to work out what the flowers are like. I have even looked for something tiny near the crown. I now remember seeing the flowers early in the year. Puzzle solved...