Common Limpet

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Common limpet is usually the

Common limpet is usually the common name for this guy, but I agree it is Patella. :)


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Yes Juan Carlos (and hello Laura).
This is no freshwater species but distinctive enough for an agreement. It is interesting that iSpot still ignores Common Names IF one does not Get Recommended afterwards.
An old observation. I am here because I am researching my own Patella post.
It is worth saying that limpets do not usually survive the trauma of being removed from their rock-home.

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Coming back

Ordinarily and not long ago I would have agreed to Common limpet (I did here). But they are really quite difficult to tell apart even seen like this. Personally I would rather see these titled Limpet but with notes suggesting that they might be one of, perhaps, three.
I have been through this several times with an expert, including having empty shells to hand, to the conclusion that it really IS hard to tell them apart unless one can STUDY animal - which usually means killing it.
That it is common and that other examples can be seen as close lookalike, is no proper evidence. This is really VERY unfortunate.
I feel like a spoilsport because I have agreed to a few Commons in my quite short time here - though there probably is no harm in that..
I have read and read, talked to experts, posted a few and STILL believe it might be impossible to tell.
There are a good number of limpet Observations, is one of mine. Despite me making it easy for people to agree, there are still none.
And here is my only slightly more educated post in which I have written -

"It is very difficult to find definitive information which allows correct separation of the three most common ones and a huge overlap in descriptions of each. Book illustrations are somewhat vague and the internet is loaded with pictures which do nothing for separation."
Jan Light's "straightforward" Guide is here She writes "With practice it is possible to discern these differences and make accurate judgements based on exterior appearance but it is not foolproof even for the ‘experts’" Oh dear then!