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Quince (see previous post)

Observed: 5th April 2011 By: platypus

(see previous post) this is what the bush looks like now. its really attractive, the flowers in particular, with that waxy look.

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This is excellent for bees as it is early flowering and rich in necter


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you can also eat the fruit

you can also eat the fruit but they are extremely sour even with pleny of sugar in jam.

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Did try

I made some jam with them and your right it is rather tart,they say quince jelly is better so may give that a go this year.


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the other type of 'quince'

the other type of 'quince' (Cydonia) is much better if you want less extreme tartness.

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Paris gave Aphrodite a quince

Paris gave Aphrodite a quince as a token of love, Argentina produces 20,000 tons annually, Used as rootstock for pear trees.

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Japanese Quince

This is what I know this as.There are some lovely garden cultivars flowering now with white through to deep red fls.

Hazel Trevan