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Is this a cave spider?

Observed: 19th November 2009 By: dad55
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Cave Spider

Not a good picture I'm afraid but it was dark in the tunnel. The web next to it does not seem to belong. Could it be a Tube Web spider?

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I don't think this can be Meta, as that spins an orb web (like a small version of the garden spider's web). The web doesn't look quite right for Segestria either, that should have neater 'trigger threads' radiating out from the cental tube. It might be one of the 'funnel-weaver' Amaurobius species? E.g. see:

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I'm as baffled as kitenet.

I'm as baffled as kitenet. Web & spider definitely not Segestria. I wonder if the web & spider belong together? The web doesn't obviousy look like a 'lace-web', tho' the multiple entrances could be. A true mystery!