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Deeply suspicious -

Observed: 5th April 2011 By: anonymous spotter
Common Seal  2

It's not uncommon, walking along the side of the creek, to find the seals keeping pace with you, eyeing you up. I'm still learning how to tell the rarer grey seals apart.

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Deply Suspicious

Love the photo. Seals faces always remind me of dogs faces. Having just acquired a dog the similarity seems stronger. The side-ways look your seal (in the photo) is giving is so like the side-ways look my dog gives me from time to time.

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Seal Ident

The common seal does have that dog face and nostrils that at in a V shape the Grey seal tends to have a longer face and the nostrils are more parrell

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This is a great shot, for me

This is a great shot, for me these guys are the rare species I am always on the lookout for them, we have a large population of the greys round the coast here in Cornwall!

Trudy Russell
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