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Lesser redpoll

Observed: 5th April 2011 By: terrycrynantterrycrynant’s reputation in Birdsterrycrynant’s reputation in Birds
lesser redpoll
redpoll 3
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redpoll (2)

This bird turned up in a flock of siskins.It is the same size as the siskins and like them it continues to feed on niger and sunflower hearts even in heavy rain when most other birds have taken shelter.I have only seen a single bird at a time but the red on the head and breast does not show every time I have seen it .There may be two different birds in the photos or one which is so wet the red does not show.

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Two birds

The bird in the 4th picture has rather broad, pale edges to the tertial feathers. The bird in the second and fifth shows far narrower edges to those feathers. The latter is definitely a bird born last spring, showing pointed tail feathers and a moult limit within the greater coverts, as well as juvenile tertial feathers with much abrasion and only a narrow, pale edge. All those are indicative of a bird born last year, rather than a full adult (which would have more rounded tips to tail feathers, greater coverts all of the same colour and broader, less diffuse, tips to the tertials.

I agree that all pictures show a Lesser Redpoll.


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