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ispot scale card

Where can I get hold of an ispot scale/measuring card to put beside my photographs to give an indication of scale??



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If you write in then I think

If you write in then I think we can send you a few, use the 'contact' button at the bottom of the page.

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Scale card units

I'm a relatively new user of this site and have seen scale cards on some images. Often the measurement units are not visible. What are the smallest divisions - are they a millimeter or a tenth of an inch?


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The card shows centimeters

The card shows centimeters (and half centimeters). If we produce a second generation of these then I suspect they will also have millimeters on.

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scale rule

If you go to a budget stationers you can buy 6 inch rules for about 20p. cut it up with a hacksaw in to 2 inch lengths.Cover the backs with white insulating tape so you can see the scale.Keep one in your wallet.BINGO!

Coins are of a standard size and are very useful for this purpose.Also useful to keep a dab of bluetack in your pocket !