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Redpoll - Common or Lesser

Observed: 18th December 2009 By: RPWinstonRPWinston’s reputation in BirdsRPWinston’s reputation in Birds
Redpoll 2
Redpoll 3
Redpoll 1
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Are these all the same individual?

I've agreed with the ID of Common Redpoll (either scientific name is OK - it depends which authority you follow!) because the individual in the first photo (top right) is certainly a Common.

I'm not sure about the second photo though (top right), and I would be more inclined to call the bird in the lower photo a Lesser Redpoll (the buff colouring on the breast is far too extensive and intense)...

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If the past winter has taught us anything, it is how variable Redpolls are!! My ID was based on the first bird, which for me is a flammea, being very pale on the head, with whitish tram-lines on the mantle, a broad pale greater-covert bar and minimal buff wash on the flanks.


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More redpolls

They're certainly variable! The first bird isn't screaming classic flammea to me so I'm staying on the fence with my unIDed verdict ;)

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