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Red Kite with rodent/bird in its mouth - Photo EOL

Observed: 3rd April 2011 By: aec263
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Red Kite from Encyclopedia of Life
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Use the "Get Recommended" -

option to pick up the systematic name. It's spelt right second time, but the genus should be capitalised.
I think iSpot will produce matching images without the capitalisation, though.

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Re: "Get Recommended"

Thanks Roger. I'm just learning; it's my first day!

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If you are unable to take your own photo of your observation it would be good to include a word description of your sighting (what it was doing, how you knew it was a Red Kite etc). I know how difficult it is to photogaraph this handsome agile bird!!

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Without a description or a photo of the actual thing you saw it is not really possible to agree with the identification.

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Red Kites are around our area all the time. It is easy to identify them as they have a forked tail and have some rust-coloured and some white underparts. They make a sort of high-pitched whistle. We have tried to get a decent photo of one but not succeeded. I think the Lascelles family must be encouraging kite breeding on the Harewood estate.

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Thanks for all your helpful comments. If nothing else this S159 OU Neighbourhood Nature course I'm doing has improved my camera skills so maybe I'll manage to snap one of the red kites eventually. I am enjoying Neighbourhood Nature so very much and I can't believe how unobservant I was before!