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Possible Greenfinch

Observed: 3rd April 2011 By: tracktontrackton’s reputation in Birdstrackton’s reputation in Birds

This bird stayed still on a branch near bird feeders for around 10 minutes before flying away. Is this an early baby?

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Fully grown

Certainly not a young Greenfinch, born this year, as that would be quite heavily streaked. The plumage is difficult to see in detail, but it looks like a male or possibly an old female.


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Adult Greenfinch

Birds often fluff their feathers up to keep warm, it seems that is what this bird is doing

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Health of the bird

Thank you for your comments.

This photo was taken during a mild day when other birds were not fluffed up. This greenfinch was also still for 10 minutes before flying off, could this be an ill bird, with trichomonosis or another illness?