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_MG_5500 entoloma?

Observed: 28th November 2009 By: miked
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No idea on this one really. Growing in acid sandy area, lichen heath with occasional picea. the image without the ispot card has the correct colour ballance. Other possibilities include Melanoleuca but they are rather small for the common ones


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Could it be...................

Could it be the Goblet (Pseudoclitocybe cyathiformis)?? It has a very inrolled margin like your photo and appears to be the right colour match.


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no unfortunately not the

no unfortunately not the goblet, have found these on several occasions so am sure what they look like. I am tending towards Melanoleuca at the moment especially if you look at those two extra photos but note they may not be the same species, I only added them here as I went back to try and find the original mushrooms but it was almost dark and they are black so I failed!! This extra one came from about 10m away, its of a similar size and colour but as I said may well be a different species, that area is very rich for fungi.

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pink spore print then entoloma

or white spore print (and amyloid) then Melanoleuca

Jerry C