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Observed: 29th March 2011 By: smb74
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Crow in garden. Difficult to photograph as it was building a nest in nearby trees which were too far away for good photographs for identification.

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Scientific name

I think many authorities now regard Carrion Crow and Hooded Crow as different species hence would have Corvus corone for Carrion Crow and C. cornix for for Hooded.

Those who still regard them as sub-species have C. corone subsp corone for Carrion Crow (as you have it here) and C. coronoe subsp cornix for Hooded Crow.

That said even if they are separate species subsp corone is probably still technically correct for Carrion Crow, even if stating the sub-species is somewhat redundant.

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Many thanks David for

Many thanks David for clarifying this for me.