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Observed: 24th March 2011 By: weston
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Critical identification

Critical identification features for distinguishing between smooth newt and palmate newt are not visible on this photograph. These would be the presence of filament projecting from end of the tail (male palmate), black webbing between the toes of hind feet (palmate)and presence (smooth) or absence (palmate) of spots on the throat.

That said, the two rows of largish dark spots on the tail and the apparent shape of the tail suggest to me that this is a male palmate newt.

Jonathan Wallace

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You can also separate male

You can also separate male palmate from smooth newts (in most cases) by the pattern of spots on the tail. The two rows this one has are typically palmate. The male palmate also has two ridges along its back giving it a square appearance, which you can also make out in this photo.