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Species with which Snakelocks anemone (Anemonia viridis) interacts


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3 star power!

This post was languishing. I think I have shifted likely to the proper one Laura - sorry Di (Chalkie). If you are still watching can you tag it Marine (it is) as a few more people will come. I think you have other posts too where there would be benefits.

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Presume you mean I should click on 'I agree"? (Not sure what you meant by 'the Marine'.) I now know I shouldn't put question marks in identification details!

Thanks. :)

(It was a surprise to see this again after so long - but a nice reminder that I'm going to the seaside in the summer - hurrah!)

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Yes Di, you should always agree (when you do). Likely ID was with yours when I came, even though it was a faulty ID. It was held there by Laura's agreement. Mine is as powerful as yours and hers, so I was able to shift it.
Yes the question mark flaws it but you should also add a Latin name to complete an ID panel.
As for Marine, we'll there are a few specialists who search here and yours would be seen by them (us) if you add Marine to Descriptive Tags or change Coastal to Marine - it is a marine creature after all.
When it gets another agreement I will give one to your ID - it is correct.
Good wishes then.

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I see what you mean about 'marine' now. I wouldn't have thought of putting that in as a tag, but will try to remember if I put any on in the summer (though whether I can remember anything for that long is somewhat dubious!)

Don't worry about putting an agreement on snakelocks? though - but I am pleased my vague memory turned out to be right. :)

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I'd kinda overlooked that it is not your post but Alice's. You cannot add Marine but she can. But you should add it to any of your posts of Marines even if found on the shore, perhaps even your garden!
I have given you an agreement but so has Laura - they help your score.
Now check mine
Good wishes

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Ha ha!

I think the only marine's we're likely to have in our garden are fossils - we did once find an ichthyosaurus vertebra! (Warwickshire)