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Foliose lichen 5 - Flavoparmelia?

Observed: 29th March 2011 By: vm53
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Tree 3 - Flavoparmelia

On sycamore trunk


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It does really look like the

It does really look like the photo in the Opal lichen recording sheet - not one I've found yet myself. It reminds me of a volcanic lava flow. The bit on the middle left looks like Parmelia with its white lines - interesting to see both in the same shot.

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Yes, I was lucky to get them

Yes, I was lucky to get them both in the same shot. It's a useful comparison - you can see the difference in colour and texture of the lobes.

Val McCormack

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I'll have a much better

I'll have a much better chance of recognising a Flavoparmelia if I see one now! Thanks.

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Certainly a Flavoparmelia, but which?

This one is tricky. I suspect it is Flavoparmelia soredians, which isn't the one in the Opal survey as I recall, but a chemical test would be very useful here.