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Lactarius deterrimus Salse Saffron Milkcap

Observed: 29th November 2009 By: miked
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Lactarius deterrimus 5537
Lactarius deterrimus 5539
 MG 5491
Lactarius deterrimus Salse Saffron Milkcap

Rather close up shots of gills and broken stem showing the dark redish discolouration towards the right of the image.
Previously have determined these as L. deterrimus as they are under Picea on acid sand but this time a few were under scots pines about 30m away also on the acid sand which is a bit of a problem as L. deterrimus is supposed to be strictly associated with Picea not Pinus, L. deliciosus grows with Pines but not on acid sand so something is wrong here.


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