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Lichen on old wooden fence

Observed: 1st April 2011 By: ChalkieChalkie’s reputation in Fungi and LichensChalkie’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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Most of the lichens I've seen so far have been nitrogen-loving or N-tolerant (apart from a tiny bit of an Usnea) - so I'm not sure whether this could be Hypogymnia, but it looks rather like it.


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Jenny - 'gardener' - Thanks

Jenny - 'gardener' - Thanks for taking the time to look at this - very encouraging! Just had a look at your lichen website, which is great, with really clear photographs. I've always wanted to be able to identify lichens since I was a botany undergrad 30 years ago, but I couldn't find books that would help me then. Internet access is much more helpful, and the Opal lichen survey was a great way in for me.

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Reference book

Hi Chalkie - Frank Dobson's 'Lichens: An Illustrated Guide to the British and Irish Species' (5th edition 2005) is worth getting if you're seriously interested in lichen identification.

Alan Silverside's website is a useful resource:
Another website that provides details as well as photographs is LichenIreland:

Have fun, they can get very addictive!

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Thanks again. Very helpful.