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Great picture!

What a lovely shot.

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Thank you - sometimes they

Thank you - sometimes they come in close and you get lucky!

John O'D

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Agreed ...

... great capture. I tried to get a shot of a curlew in Guernsey last autumn and failed. ;-)

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Still Trying

I have a pair nesting at the back of the house on the moor and they fly over a couple of times a day and I have not managed a picture yet,but every time I hear them I am out with my camera,starting to become an unhealthy obsession.


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How lucky are you!!

I just love their call, magical. I understand about the obsession, I've developed quite a few relating to nature (and even iSpot) since retiring! Not unhealthy though! Unfortunately the RSPB say there have been declines in Curlew breeding because of loss of habitat, so really lovely to hear of their nesting.

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Why does the word 'stork'

Why does the word 'stork' come up if you hover over the picture??????? !

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I've no idea - it appears in the boxes whenever I upload a photo, and I overwrite it with the correct information. It must still be sitting there as Alt-text. It must be - ahem! - a bug.

John O'D

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... should go under invertebrates. :D (Sorry, I just couldn't resist it.)