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Butterfly hatched in our fridge - not an April Fool!

Observed: 1st April 2011 By: ChalkieChalkie’s reputation in InvertebratesChalkie’s reputation in InvertebratesChalkie’s reputation in Invertebrates
fridge butterfly wings open
fridge butterfly underwing
fridge butterfly pupa skin

My husband was rather surprised to find this sitting on top of a pot of yoghourt in the fridge - it appears to have just hatched from the pupa found attached to the top (inside) of the fridge compartment. Presumably came in as a caterpillar on some cabbages.
It seems to have hatched rather early, despite being so cold - 'UK Butterflies' website suggests late April is when they are expected. On the other hand, 'Complete Guide to British Butterflies' Brooks and Knight have spring brood as mid-March to mid-May, so maybe not early at all.

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Small White

It's a male. In favourable conditions a March emergence of a few individuals is not unusual, though the main season begins in April. I"m amazed that it emerged in the fridge.

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Thanks for id help. I put it

Thanks for id help. I put it outside (warmer than the fridge anyway) but as it had gone this morning I don't know whether it flew off or got eaten by a bird. Garden-wise I'd rather prefer the latter, though it seems a bit mean after it's managed to hatch in such unpromising circumstances!