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Mutant Mute Swan

Observed: 16th October 2008 By: VinnyVinny’s reputation in BirdsVinny’s reputation in BirdsVinny’s reputation in Birds

A bizarre two-headed Mute Swan seen in the lagoon at Brownsea. I wonder if this is an evolutionary adaptation to allow them to feed faster?

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Nice try April fool!

David J Trevan

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Had to be done...

...and it IS a genuine observation, and the pics are as taken i.e. not Photoshopped. Just lucky the birds lined up so well when I took the shots.

A point of interest is that they are actually drinking. Brownsea lagoon is predominantly brackish but has a freshwater source from one slow moving stream. Somehow the birds can 'taste' the difference, and after feeding in the lagoon they return to the same spot to take on liquid.

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I agree!

Great fun!!

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Very good -

I did wonder if they were photoshopped, but good either way!