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Pygmy shrew

Observed: 2nd July 2006 By: JonathanWallaceJonathanWallace’s reputation in MammalsJonathanWallace’s reputation in Mammals
pygmy shrew

Found dead.

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always a difficult one is it a juvinile common shrew or an adult pygmy shrew
the tail lenght is the give away with that of the pygmy shrew being as long as it body where as the common shrews doe not. the tail in this photo looks short and the body looks slightly plump for it to be a pygmy shrew

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Thanks Derek I guess this one

Thanks Derek
I guess this one will have to remain as Sorex sp. but, from what you say, more likely a common than a pygmy shrew.

Jonathan Wallace

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Definitely a shrew but very hard to say which, the fresh look to the fur and hunched up look gives the impression it may be a young one making it even harder.

Graham Banwell

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