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Spraint (3)
Spraint (2)
Spraint (4)

A few on raised grassy bank next to mammal prints that I have just posted on iSpot,it was not fresh but dryish 5cm long pointed at one end,you can see the jaw and teeth of a small mammal on the first picture plus fur,hair I thought Otter but maybe wishful thinking,should have taken it home and removed bones ect to help ID

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This does not look like a

This does not look like a typical spraint - too dry-looking, no fish remains, too much hair, the rodent jaw. A good tip is to learn the smell of spraints, and then you will always recognise them, at least if fresh. Not typical Badger droppings either.



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Any other id's

There was no smell and I know otter smells and mink and I did not think that badgers left them but I know they leave clay balls,do you think it might be an Owl I only stated it was near the prints incase it was connected.


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Not owl

I haven't seen any owl pellets that look like this so I think a mammal is much more likely.

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Narrow down

Well at least it is narrowed down to a mammal,I know we are fortunate not to have mink so that is one ruled out.


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Fox most probable then.

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Do Have one

There is a fox around and have had a look at there sprait's in a old mammal book and they are twisted at the ends,thanks to everyone for there help and idea,s.I will take them home next time and soak and remove the bones ect which should help with further ob's


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My vote goes with fox, looks to have taken a rabbit.

Graham Banwell

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