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Which violet?

Observed: 31st March 2011 By: jhn7
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The recent sunshine followed by rain has resulted in these violets flowering throughout one side of the wood.
1st April - added back view photo, probably not the same plant though!

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what did the back of the flower look like?

It's well worth taking a picture of the back of the flower as well as the front - V. riviniana has pointed sepals with relatively large appendages (sticking backward below where the sepals join on), and the spur is paler than the petals. V reichenbachiana has a darker spur than the petals and pointed sepals with relatively small appendages (though I've not yet seen the two flowers side by side, to be able to compare the 'appendages'). The petals don't seem to be particularly diagnostic (though V odorata does often seem to be much darker). I'm trying to get them clear in my head too.

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I think I was told that Viola riviniana had very branched veins on the bottom petal as in the photo, whereas those of reichenbachiana are hardly branched.


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vein branching

Interesting - something else to look at closely (unless it's an April Fool!) The veins on 'my' reichenbachiana flowers in my garden do seem to be less branched.

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Thanks for the back view!

Yes - the spur is clearly much paler than the petals - quite different from the ones I've seen recently, that are V reichenbachiana. Thanks - really helpful.