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Peregrines please stay

A local church has mounted a nest box for 2 Peregrines which have perched/roosted/fed on it for about 5/6 years but have always left in the breeding season. Since the last summer they have barely used this church but are still around. Would they avoid hunting in this area if they intend to breed in it? Obviously time will tell but i have my fingers crossed!



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Peregrine Hunting.

For some years now I have watched a pair of Peregrines hunting and providing for their young from a nest box. While they do sometimes kill 'in their own bak-yard', mostly they bring things in from favoured hunting grounds further away. The other birds( pigeons,various gulls, starlings) in the vicinity of the box all go on with their lives, apparently untroubled.

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Peregrine hunting

Thanks, although i have seen them chasing pigeons locally (the church is in the town centre)

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near to where I live there

near to where I live there has been Peregrines in town nesting and where I work some 40 miles away they have some nesting on the town center church so you have a good chance. The benefits(apart from you being able to look at Peregrines) is they help keep feral pigeons in check.


North Warwickshire

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p falcon

Think they nest in the next town centre a couple of miles away, they have certainly been photographed there. As for pigeons-there are still way too many in my opinion