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Magpies mobing a Squirrel

Observed: 30th March 2011 By: Roger GilbertRoger Gilbert’s reputation in BirdsRoger Gilbert’s reputation in BirdsRoger Gilbert’s reputation in Birds

Pair of Magpies mobing a Squirrel which hid and moved along the ground to another tree when the Magpies had another go and then a third. I've seen birds of prey mobed by other birds but not heard of mobing of Squirrels.

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Mobbing of Squirrels

Certainly the squirrels in my area (Livingston, West Lothian) get mobbed by birds - especially magpies. Can make quite a racket - both the birds and the squirrels. Can hear them regularly even inside my house.
I believe (although I haven't witnessed it) that the squirrels will raid bird's nests and eat the eggs and young.
James Deans

James P Deans