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When Beetles Attack...

Observed: 22nd March 2011 By: VinnyVinny’s reputation in InvertebratesVinny’s reputation in InvertebratesVinny’s reputation in InvertebratesVinny’s reputation in Invertebrates

Looking in my 2005 Collins guide to British Insects, this species is described as being active in the adult form May-August. Yet here in sunny Dorset it seems to get earlier every year. I've seen it in April in the past few years but 2011 is my first March sighting! Saw a few so it wasn't just one freak emergence - and as you can see from the photos this one was living up to its reputation as a voracious predator.

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Green Tiger Beetle

I have often seen them in March on the Bournemouth cliffs, and in one year even in late February. In some years I have seen a few in the autumn after a long gap without any. I am unclear as to the phenology of this species.

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Interesting observations. It does seem that some over-winter. If you catch the early ones you see and check their jaws, you should find that they are a bit worn and blunted, unlike the needle-sharp jaws of a freshly-emerged adult.