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Hottentot fig

Observed: 28th March 2011 By: Tim RichPlants expert
Carpobrotus Lizard 32
Carpobrotus Lizard 046

Hottnetoto fig climbing up and over blackthorn and swamping it - National Trust corrdinating a huge amount of work to remove it, looking after our native rarities. It can apparently grow 2 m a year, and virtually covers whole slopes.

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Carpobrotus edulis

I know the area where you photographed this well, I used to do conservation work with the National Trust with my students and stayed at a NT. basecamp at Chyvarloe, near Gunwallowe Church Cove.
The sand bar near Loe Poole had an amazing variety of interesting plants on it, and the cliffs close by were overtaken with Hottentot Fig!

David J Trevan

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Diagnosis Murder

If you ever watch the above programme, you might see that the beach where Dr Mark Sloan lives is covered with Carpobrotus. I wonder if it is a problem there?