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Kirstys Creatures (61)

Observed: 30th March 2011 By: Dritree
Kirstys Creatures (61)

Possible Wooly Bear?

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Great picture of this little millipede!

Andy Keay

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Polyxenus lagurus

Superficially similar to the larvae of Anthrenus (and some other dermestid beetles). As well as the characters given by Andy, the millipede has distinct antennae just visible at the front on this specimen, under the anterior setae. The legs are not visible, but there are many more than the 3 pairs of an Anthrenus larva. Polyxenus is often found under bark but sometimes comes into houses.

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Polyxenus lagurus

My find of this tiny millipede was under the flaky bark of a mature Sycamore on a council estate. The tree is a very large/old specimen and as the site is virtually roadside I fear for its continued existence. Not so much for the tree but the millipede. For in all the years (many) I have been seeking out inverts this tree is the one I have encountered Polyxenus lagurus.