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Observed: 8th April 2009 By: andrewsavageandrewsavage’s reputation in Birdsandrewsavage’s reputation in Birds
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Havent seen them round here before but there is strting to be quite a few.

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when did you see these, not

when did you see these, not in november? as there are new leaves on the birch tree

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Sorry again

Again same problem, this was April

Andrew Savage

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If you go to the observation

If you go to the observation and click on the 'edit' tag then you can change the date.

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Problem bird

Ring-necked parakeet are causing a great deal of concern with some conservationists. Natural England recently removed protected status from these birds, allowing landowners to take measures to control numbers where they can be proven to be a threat to crops etc. Refer:

I find the attitude of some avian conservationist organisations very puzzling. For example, the RSPB seem to be sitting on the fence over these birds, with their feet dangling on the bird's side.

Yet they are very much against eagle owls:

I understand the issues are complex, yet both species are introduced (though there is evidence eagle owls were native until around 9,000 years ago and have been around in small numbers as escaped captive bred birds ever since). Also there is good evidence both cause local conservation concern. So why the inconsistency in attitude?

There is a thread running about this issue and the problem of what makes a native species at:

Graham Banwell

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