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Observed: 18th November 2009 By: andrewsavageandrewsavage’s reputation in Mammalsandrewsavage’s reputation in Mammals
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Saw at Penstorpe waterfowl trust, also got some video if i can upload that, quatering the ground a lot!

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Wonderful. We don't have a

Wonderful. We don't have a video function on iSpot, but if you put your video on Youtube you can paste the link in here and people will see it.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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great pictures

Well done for capturing some great images...especially as these animals are known for their speed - (they can cover up to 20 miles in an hour)

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Fantastic photos, I've seen many stoats and weasels over the years but never for long enough to get a camera out! You can see the yellow/cream chest and black tip to the tail which indicates stoat rather than weasel.

Graham Banwell

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It amazing to see such a beautiful mammal in the wild.


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Pensthorpe waterfowl park

Was this within the waterfowl areas?, if so I doubt the owners will be too pleased with having an egg thief in among the breeding wildfowl. They encircle the reserve with netting to prevent mink etc entering the area.

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Egg theif

We actually met up with the owner and he seemed quite pleased, because its native, they said the mink would kill just for fun but the staot would only take what it needed.

Andrew Savage

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Egg thief

Eggcellent. What an enlightened view from the owner. There is hope for our wildlife :-)

Gill Sinclair
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good news

that's good news. The Jordans' are certainly putting a lot of effort into making Pensthorpe a wildlife haven. Lots of good things to see and good for children too.

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Key difference between stoat and (american) mink is that the stoat is 'native' and has been within the ecosystem for centuries and as such established a place within it. Nature will be nature and can be considered 'cruel' in human terms. A balance will have been established over time to have a place for stoats as well as wildfowl. Ultimately wildfowl will have mutated/evolved and therefore adapted over the years though to lay broods of sufficient size (or two broods) to guarantee survival as a species.

That issue is slightly different for the mink as an introduced species, disturbing an ecosystem's balance. Wish we didn't have to resort to culling them though.