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Observed: 27th November 2009 By: jwh93
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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ground based woodland funghi with short,
thick smooth stem, white in colour with felted surface.


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How did you arrive at your

How did you arrive at your identification of this - did the cap produce 'milk' when broken? I think more clues would be required to give a positive ID on this - the cap colour looks very similar to Clouded Agaric (Clitocybe nebularis) which I'm seeing a lot at the moment and seems to persist quite late into the winter.

Rob Coleman

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I thought clouded agaric,

I thought clouded agaric, too. They seem to be everywhere at the moment.

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Another possibility might be

Another possibility might be wood blewitt as these have pinkish gills and can look a bit like this when they are well past their best. suspect we'll not get to a final diagnosis on this one.